Mags Riordan of Bumblebee Farm is guiding us through the planning, planting and caring of a bed for cut flowers. By the time summer arrives the bed should boast an abundance of pollinator-friendly flowers ready for cutting and enjoying. This month she focuses on potting your seedling on. With the […]

Mars is the planet stealing the show this month. The pace is fast and furious for the first two weeks with an easier flow after the New Moon when we finally get some time to relax and review. Use the extra energy to get ahead with some of the tasks […]

A new month: Push yourself: Rejuvenate: Inspire others: Laugh lots. I think that we are all fading a little, a bit like a vase of flowers that you really need to throw out or a shabby tea towel (and we all have a few of those). We all need a boot […]

In this series of articles Diana Radeva, child and adolescent psychotherapist sets out to consider the emotional life of children from birth onwards; and how relationships between children and parents evolve over time. It is a view of human growth, which recognises the importance of strong feelings experienced at each […]

It is a beautiful bright sunny morning, in the autumn of 2015, at Ballinasloe horse fair. The fair green is a virtual sea of horses and ponies, every size and colour, every age, thick manes, long manes, hairy horses, plaited horses, cobs, mares, stallions, colts, foals, show jumpers, leisure horses […]