With over 5,000 participants in the Organic Farming Scheme in 2024, the area being farmed organically in Ireland has tripled since 2020. While this shows a significant pace of growth, it is however still far off the EU target of 25 per cent of agricultural land in the EU to […]

A person of the world, sculptor and horticulturist Peter (Pete) Little was born in Australia to English parents, before spending much of his childhood travelling, his family’s adventures taking him to places like Bali, Malaysia, India, Afghanistan, Iran and Newfoundland in Canada. After following love and adventure to West Cork, […]

Most people have heard of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and associate it with the effects of a traffic accident or war-related experience. What many do not realise is that in Ireland postpartum or perinatal PTSD (PPTSD) is a birth trauma affecting three per cent of all new mothers and […]