Medical Herbalist Geri McGann and Nutritional Therapist Gwen Bastian-Enright look at how  herbal medicine and nutritional therapy (both individually and combined) can help with painful periods (dysmenorrhea), specifically primary dysmenorrhea – period pain and cramping with no apparent cause medically. Herbal medicine and nutritional therapy provide the opportunity for individuals […]

The vagina, uterus, bladder and bowel are held in place by a network of muscles, tendons and fascia known as the pelvic floor. Pregnancy, childbirth, ageing, menopause, hysterectomy, inherited risk, or conditions that cause excessive pressure on the pelvic floor like obesity, a chronic cough, chronic constipation or heavy lifting, […]

As we get older our bladder may not be as reliable as it used to be, and some women can find that pressure from coughing, laughing, sneezing, running or lifting, can cause the bladder to leak. Having a bladder issue is understandably embarrassing. If we feel uncomfortable talking about it […]

A West Cork based Counsellor and Psychotherapist is trialing a groundbreaking sponsorship  programme with the aim of facilitating low-cost counselling within private practice.    As well as providing Counselling and Psychotherapy services, Accredited Psychotherapist and  Supervisor Markus Hohmann offers Clinical Supervision and Case-Consultancy at his practice  ‘The Blue Room – Consulting’ […]