It’s been a number of years since I’ve visited this place. Most say they wouldn’t wish to be in a care home, fearing even the prospect of it, but this one has always seemed quiet, relatively intimate, spotless as far as facilities go – and I’ve been inside many. I’m […]

As one of your New Year resolutions, you may have decided to get back into family history. One of the reasons you may not have been so involved of late (except where life in general gets in the way) is that you were not making much progress. You can help […]

Giving ourselves some space for reflection and contemplation is vital to attune and attend holistically to the needs of the body, mind, and spirit. Slowing down and being mindful can help us to notice the signs that our body is giving us, cues that we may not pick up on […]

Touring around West Cork with his mobile sauna, Donie Mc Auliffe has been hearing from many of his customers how the sauna is a great pick-me-up and comfort during cold weather. Chatting to one of his regular customers, a Denmark native, about ‘hygge’ got him thinking on the Irish version […]