Inflammation is at the heart of so many of our modern diseases. As many of us have experienced, taking anti-inflammatory medication can reduce pain for some inflammatory conditions, but over time the inflammation can worsen and the medication can have side effects. And some don’t respond to any medication so […]

Among the different types of  plantain growing  in Ireland the most well-known are Plantago major or broad-leaved plantain, and  Plantago lanceolata or narrow leaved plantain, also known as  ribwort.  Broadleaf plantain (BP; Plantago major, Plantaginaceae), also known as great plantain, is a flowering perennial, which often grows in disturbed soils, in fields […]

The diminution of the Gaelic language and consequent sense of a broken tradition is one of the utmost importance in arriving at any adequate assessment of life in Ireland today. Here I attempt to show how proverbs reflect the old Gaelic tradition, now very weakened, mindful of what Thomas Davis […]

This summer of 2022, saw a return to international holidays. Dublin airport hit the headlines with its four-hour check-in queues, but it wasn’t just an Irish problem. The airport authorities in Heathrow, as I write, have forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights to cut back on the throngs of […]