I’m at the age now where I need to start to pay attention to my eye health. I’ve worn distance glasses for years, for driving and watching movies, but reading glasses suddenly seem to be getting closer. I work at a computer more than I used to, and my eyes […]

In this month’s article, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Lisa Brinkman would like to shed some light and information on transgender healthcare and treatment pathways in Ireland and give an overview as to what is involved and necessary, and how and where people with Gender Dysphoria can access these services. Just […]

The garden is producing at full speed. There are gazillions of green things – kale, spinach, salad leaves, rocket and chard and lots of potential with all the new seedlings. We have some experimental crops on-the-go this spring, spurred on by last month’s conversations about food security. We’ve sown quinoa, […]

Bealtaine is the name in Irish, Scottish-Gaelic and Manx mythology for the seasonal feast at May 1. At the end of the dark half of the year, Bealtaine is a survival of one of the four great Celtic calendar feasts, known in early Ireland as ‘Imbolc’ (February 1), ‘Lughnasa’ (August […]