The short answer is yes and there are many scientific research papers written about this phenomenon where it is not called ‘leaky gut’ but intestinal permeability.   Intestinal permeability is an important concept to understand. In the realm of overall health your gut is essential because it is not only […]

Getting to know your cycle and working with the natural rhythm of your body is key to enhancing fertility. Many women spent their most fertile years trying to avoid getting pregnant and the monthly bleed may be inconvenient or a huge relief. Some contraception choices mean there is no menstruation […]

Community First Responders (CFR) Dunmanway is finally operational after training was delayed due to the pandemic. A number of generous donations from local businesses has helped the group to purchase a defibrillator, as well as battery, pads and equipment. Donations were received from Daniel Power of Power Farm Services, Crowley’s […]

Unfortunately many women do dread getting their period. Menstruation will start for most girls at about 12-years-old although it can begin as young as eight, and will naturally return monthly until menopause somewhere between 45-55 years. That is 30-45 years, so it is well worth becoming intimately acquainted with your […]

There is no escaping the fact that cardiovascular issues are a leading cause of serious health problems and one of the reasons for this is that cardiovascular issues can remain clinically silent until there is a problem like stroke or heart attack. As the consequences of cardiovascular issues are so […]