Neuromuscular Physical Therapist Lloyd O’Mahoney is one of a number of professional practitioners working out of Dr. Fiona O’Reilly’s Integrated Clinic at Emmet Square in Clonakilty. Lloyd’s business Kinetic Movement Physical Therapy is all about helping clients get out of pain and move better. As well as neuromuscular, Lloyd has […]

I find it inspiring to see a growing new generation of doctors and medics emerging in various corners of the world who are pushing the frontiers of modern medicine and advocating the power and virtue of what’s being dubbed ‘Lifestyle Medicine’. In essence, these are the brave MD’s willing to set […]

Are you exhausted and feel like you’re running on empty? Then you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue.  Adrenal fatigue is not a disease diagnosis but rather a fact that your adrenals are exhausted and finding it difficult to function at an optimal level and struggling to perform all the […]

The benefits of probiotics depend on what you expect them to do. Most people think that probiotics will help them improve their beneficial bacteria in their gut and get rid of the bad bacteria. But there is no research showing that probiotics permanently change the gut microbiome (resident bacteria in […]