This month we look at our sixth Permaculture design principal ‘Produce No Waste’ and how it might offer some new ideas into the Cool Clon, and perhaps some reflections on how we might have lived this principal naturally during Covid-19 restrictions. Apart from composting food scraps and minimising packaging (think Twig!) […]

As we catch our breaths after the politically eventful past few days, weeks and months; my colleagues in the Dáil settle into their new roles as part of a coalition Government. Of course, in these busy and challenging times, there is little space for contemplation, but I think it’s important […]

Following the onset of Covid 19, Cork County Council has been supporting community groups to explore alternate means of engaging with their environmental projects, resulting in many workshops and education initiatives moving online. One such project, the Scoil na Mara series of videos, exploring Irish seashore biodiversity and the importance of the […]