Michelle Ryan of BWELLHIVE looks at how making just one positive change can change your health direction, your gut health and support your 2024 weight loss journey. Are you struggling with a slow metabolism, inflamed gut, bloating, and food triggers? Tried a low-fat diet or low-calorie diet with no lasting […]

This is my 30th column for West Cork People covering various topics in relation to DNA testing and matching for family history, as well outlining histories of West Cork families discovered along the way. I hope this has encouraged you try DNA testing to prove your own paper family history. […]

Noreen Coomey of Transition Coaching and Psychotherapy looks at why men don’t ask for help. When a man does not ask for help with a problem (which he has tried to solve on his own without success) he may end up in one of three places – the hospital, the […]

In almost 30 years of seeing women of all ages – in the UK for 29 years and here in Ireland for the past five months – female urinary symptoms are something that women rarely volunteer: I have to  specifically ask about leaking or peeing problems.  What I find horrific […]

In preparation for childbirth, a woman’s doctor will usually recommend weekly visits from about 36 or 37 weeks, to check the babies heartbeat and position, and also to keep an eye on the mother’s health, as certain conditions like pregnancy-induced hypertension can lead to problems. During these final few weeks […]