Clarins Hydra-Essentiel [HA2] Matte Gel Offering inclusive hydration dedicated to all women whatever their age, ethnicity, or skin type; the new Hydra-Essentiel [HA2] range from Clarins, with seven formulas to choose from, delivers a triple plumping and hydrating action in just 60 seconds. At the heart of each formula is […]

This month provides the sixth synopsis for my wife’s ancestral lines and what has been learned from atDNA matching. If you have DNA tested and related to any of these family, do get in touch and consider adding your DNA information to the project. My wife’s ancestry is genetically proven […]

The image of the mad March hare is very suited to this month. There is so much astro-action coming up over the next few weeks it could leave us feeling ‘all over the place’. It’s a month that brings huge shifts and major new phases with the two heavyweight planets, […]

Thyroid hormones affect your basal metabolic rate: How fast cells function in the body and the health of your stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, small and large intestine are all related to your thyroid function. There is an intimate bidirectional relationship with thyroid function affecting the gut and the gut […]