Mercedes were a bit slow to the electric market, but they are planning to launch several new electric models in the coming years. Last year the German manufacturer launched their massive electric people carrier the EQV and now they have the impressive EQA 250 SUV electric car on sale. I […]

This month we have a true Blue Moon. It’s the second Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. The first was on July 24. This keeps the Aquarius theme, which has been prominent since late 2020, on the front burner. We also have further activation of the tense square between […]

I bet at some time during your life you’ve emulated another person – whether it’s a style of dress, mannerism, tone of voice or enunciation! That’s imitation and is the ‘best form of flattery’ according to the saying. However, when your dog copies your actions, that’s different. He’s not flattering you […]

I have to start by saying that this will be a short one, despite the fact that I have been almost 20 years writing in this wonderful paper, I forgot to have an article ready. Time is literally whizzing by and I am chasing myself. I made a commitment to Munster […]

This month, it’s all about hair care. Over the past year we’ve seen innovation in hair products like never before and I’ve rounded up some of the very best on the market today. From scalp soothing shampoos to moisture-rich masks that work in minutes, luscious locks here we come!  Aveeno […]