Mags Riordan of Bumblebee Farm continues to guide us all through the planning, planting and caring of a bed for cut flowers. By the time summer arrives the bed should boast an abundance of pollinator-friendly flowers ready for cutting and enjoying. This month it’s all about bed preparation. This is […]

We’re into 2021 and still spending most of our time at home. Transformed into multi-functional spaces,  be it for education, entertainment, or hospitality, I think it is fair to say that our living room or open plan living spaces is where most families are spending most of their time together, […]

by Elizabeth Walsh Walking in my shoes – accessibility explained. Each and every day our lives impact on each person’s life whose path we cross, metaphorically and physically, positively or negatively! Redmond O’Hanlon is a guy who has lived the dream; graduating from UCD, travelling extensively, attaining fluency in several […]

February is a good month, in the main part, from the astrological point of view. It certainly has a more positive vibe than we have become used to over the last several months. The potential for a shift in perspective and more options for uplift starts from February 1. Aquarius […]

In this series of articles Diana Radeva, child and adolescent psychotherapist sets out to consider the emotional life of children from birth onwards; and how relationships between children and parents evolve over time. It is a view of human growth, which recognises the importance of strong feelings experienced at each […]