The Qashqai is Nissan’s most popular car and its best seller. A few years back a Qashqai + 2 was tried, but it wasn’t very successful. So if you want a seven-seater from Nissan the massive X-Trail is your only man or indeed your only woman! Nissan has been producing […]

In recent reviews I may have been a bit dismissive about the rush to electric cars. A few months back our new Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that nobody will be forced to buy an electric car come ‘EV Day’ on January 1, 2030, but will any of the large manufacturers […]

In the past a lot of people used to ‘pigeonhole’ car owners. Mercedes were traditionally reserved for Managing Directors of companies, the Ford Cortina was for farmers, Minis were for young females and so on. I suppose it did make sense at one time and I agree that Suzuki cars […]

After a few weeks driving electric cars, last week was a stress-free one and there was certainly no ‘range anxiety’ involved, as I was driving a good old style petrol car. It was the very stylish looking DS3 so everybody was happy.  My wife, who doesn’t drive, sometimes has difficulty […]

A few years back Ciaran Allen, Sales Manager in Mercedes said that buyers of new cars spend approximately 11 hours researching information on a car before buying.  Then they spend only 30 minutes in garage forecourts. Buyers know what type of car they want before they go into a dealership; […]

Since the second Lockdown ended in May, I have driven a few electric cars, but last week I got to spend a few days in the most high profile electric car in this part of the world, the Tesla.  Tesla have been operating in Ireland since 2017 and I drove […]