Lovers of rare and unusual plants will have the opportunity to visit two of West Cork’s more exotic gardens before the Garden Trail season comes to a close this autumn. Comillane Gardens on Cape Clear Island will hold an open day this Saturday, September 3, from 1-4pm and it’s mainland […]

Holger and Nicola Smyth’s home brings to mind a quote by American art historian Bernard Berenson “My house is a library with living rooms attached.” Every room and corner of their home, from floor to ceiling, is crammed with all manner of rare books…out-of-print, secondhand, antique gems of all genres, […]

If you’re a regular to Red Strand beach just outside Clonakilty, at one time or another you might have noticed a wildish-looking tribe racing loose-limbed towards the ocean, loudly whooping and hollering! Perhaps you thought you’d stumbled onto a ‘Vikings’ filming location or you left with the impression that the […]