If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed that there seems to be a growing anti-dog wave in the country at the moment. It’s been lurking there for a couple of years but now dog owners are frowned on and penalised in public places especially on beaches. Prohibiting dog owners […]

Having last month encouraged you all to get a post Covid check-up, this month I am going to look at the common problems we see in GP land and in the Emergency Departments in Cork. I’m going to chat about the dreaded blood clots in the legs, the deep vein […]

Known for its eclectic style and statement colourful pieces, Violette in Skibbereen has now gone a step further for its customers with an entire room upstairs dedicated to bringing accessorising to a whole new level and perfecting the final touch. Fun, quirky, bold, sombre, strong, sexy… whatever signal you’re hoping […]

According to research carried out by Menopause Workplace Consultant Catherine O’Keeffe ‘almost one in three women were considering giving up their job due to menopause’. While honest conversation has only very recently really opened up in society around menopause, Catherine has been educating and informing in the workplace for almost […]

What images come to mind when you think of menopause? Whether it’s something you’ve yet to experience, have long since passed or are in fact, an unsuspecting man witnessing this inevitable time in the lives of the women around you, what would be your knee-jerk description of what menopause involves? […]