The alarm shrills, breaking into the young man’s sub-conscious, as he struggles to wake on a wet autumn morning. He never dozes on waiting for a second alarm, as many of his friends might do, he needs the time to prepare for his day’s work, which he loves: The fun […]

WildFit is an extraordinary revolution in potent nutritional health that is sweeping across the world and has now arrived in West Cork with Ireland’s premier WildFit Coach, Freya Sherlock. While WildFit has helped thousands of people to successfully and lastingly release pounds and kilos of unwanted weight, it is equally […]

With so many products available for feeding your plants, it can be a bit daunting. Noah looks at the different options and which best might suit you and your plants needs. Most plants create meals for themselves in the form of sugar. This process is called photosynthesis (‘photo’ meaning light […]