As we move towards clean green energy, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is unquestionably part of the solution. Converting energy from the sun and turning it into electricity, a PV system will not only improve your energy rating but can offer huge potential savings in your electricity and heating bills. Paddy Rose, […]

With housing representing a quarter of all CO2 emissions in Ireland, improving the energy efficiency of our homes is essential and SEAI is encouraging homeowners to avail of their home energy upgrade grants to reduce energy consumption and costs and make homes more comfortable, as well as greener. West Cork […]

That Buckley’s Tiles in Skibbereen is heading towards 30 years in business, having started out in a modest garage in the early 1990s, is testament to a hardworking family that puts customers and quality first. Lauren Buckley, who has a degree in business under her belt, has now joined her […]

One of the simplest, most cost-effective solutions to saving energy in the home to the best achievable standard is one that’s often ignored or forgotten about: According to SEAI, approximately 20-30 per cent of the heat within the home can be lost through the roof so insulating your attic properly […]

For the environment lover, a tiny house on wheels is an ideal way to fully experience nature. This small nomadic home can be easily moved to different landscapes in changing seasons – summer by the coast, winter by the woods maybe? Timoleague based company, Sunflower Tiny Homes, is also catering […]