I am just back from a most beautiful solo retreat on Cape Clear Island, where lots of time was spent walking, swimming, writing, recording, sitting, watching rabbits and other wildlife. I had some wonderful family members and friends coming and going, and of course, Pudsy, my tiny Jack Russell beside […]

“Oh, the Summertime is coming, and the leaves are sweetly blooming and the wild mountain thyme, grows around the blooming heather…” The glorious sun is beating down as I write these well-known song words that resonate so deeply and softly with me, they capture the promise of Summer and hold […]

Mindfulness meditation gives us a choice about where we place our focus and what we choose to pay attention to. It can help us make the most of our lives by being present to truly relish pleasant experiences, that may otherwise flit past the busy, overthinking, zoned out or even […]