Looking to the past, Michael Crowley reminds us of the important role that the teachers of today play in the future. Once the National School system had been set up in Ireland in 1831, the question of finding teachers very quickly became an issue. Many teachers were untrained in the […]

Although the Irish Civil War ended in May 1923, Republican prisoners remained in jails across the country. To protest against their interment without trial, many IRA prisoners went on hunger strike in the autumn of 1923. Pauline Murphy has researched one of their number, Staff Officer of the IRA Cork No.1 […]

A new book ‘The A to Z of Curious County Cork’ exploring the historical curiosities within Cork county’s sweeping river valleys, epic mountainous locations and sprawling coastline has just been published. County Cork is the largest county in Ireland with a heritage that has been written about, celebrated and commemorated over […]