Fuelled by a vision to deliver natural, effective and highly palatable health supplements, Bandon-based company SOMEGA was co-founded in 2019 by husband and wife team, Mark Clifford and Dr. Paula Gaynor. As well as having backgrounds and more than 30 combined years of expertise in food science and nutrition, the […]

Mental health issues are often treated as health conditions that are separate from other health problems. But in truth there are underlying physiological mechanisms that play a role in the development of mood disorders such as depression or anxiety. Our brain relies on neurons to govern our thoughts, actions and […]

“Death is the last intimate thing we ever do” -L.K. Hamilton, writer One day we’ll receive news or may even sense that a beloved friend or family member is dying. Someone recently got in touch with me relating their own experience of this. They shared how their inclination was to […]