by Mags Riordan of Bumblebee Flower Farm Amidst all this uncertainty and downright scary stuff, today was one of those days that gave me real hope, taught me that life goes on and, if we help and support nature, she will thrive. Birds are starting nests, bumblebee queens are emerging, […]

I never thought that I’d be writing a pandemic-related column, but here I go. Covid-19 is here! Isn’t it ironic, the document I opened to write this column, was titled: ‘Go Outside’. Here, almost three months later, I could easily rename this ‘Stay home – stay inside. However I chose […]

Human contact is essential, we cradle our children, we kiss our partners and we greet those we care deeply about with a hug of fondness and undoubtedly many of us CANNOT hug some of the people that we love at the moment – unless they live under our roof.  Struggling […]

by Eoin Roe, Chiropractic What a strange time we are living in. I feel very blessed to be living in West Cork and am able to go for long walks in the countryside, as I usually do. As many practitioners who work in close contact with people, I have had […]