Although in existence since the 19th century (when first written record was discovered) cargo cults only came to notoriety during, and most notably after WWII. The cargo cult that gained the most notoriety and attention was one worshipped by the people of the Melanesian islands. A cargo cult is a […]

The Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Changeling’ starring Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins is based on the events of the Walter Collins case. In 1929, Gordon Stewart Northcott was found guilty of abducting, molesting, and killing three young boys in what became known as the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders. Northcott’s mother, Sarah […]

Far from being the expensive dish we know it as today, in the 17th century lobster was viewed as a disgusting, shameful food, only to be consumed by the poorest of the poor. Shane Daly shares the history behind this contemptible reputation. In a previous article titled ‘Caribbean Credit Union’, […]