“I only did my duty, and what I was told to do as well as I could.” – Simo Häyhä The Winter War, sometimes referred to as the First Soviet-Finnish war, began on November 30, 1939 and ended 105 days later on March 12, 1940. Out of this war, which […]

“Part of the canvas was poking out but the rest was covered in snow. I used an ice pick lying nearby to uncover the entrance.” – Mikhail Sharavin In the winter of 1959, between February 1 and 2, nine experienced hikers ventured deep into the wilderness of Russia’s Ural Mountains […]

“From about the middle of the 18th century it began to be realized that you could learn from a dead body; and that’s when some families were starting to be persuaded that they should allow post mortems.”– Wendy Moore In the 18th and 19th centuries medical and surgical students needed […]