By Mark Holland June is Pride month and this year it’s all happening at the Community and Family Resource Centre in Skibbereen. We often gets asked at workshops why would someone be proud of being LGBTI+; what are you being proud about? We usually frame the answer within the context […]

In this month’s article, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Lisa Brinkman would like to shed some light and information on transgender healthcare and treatment pathways in Ireland and give an overview as to what is involved and necessary, and how and where people with Gender Dysphoria can access these services. Just […]

Fern Higgins Atkinson is Chairperson of BRÓD and the Youth Health Promotion and Development Officer in the Ability West Cork Programme, West Cork Development Partnership.  A new year, a new start? When we shed the remnants of the old year like snakeskin and shimmy into our shiny new fresh starts, our […]

by Mark Holland What is BROD about, like ‘what do we do?’ is a question we keep asking ourselves. We know what we are for but what are we actually doing? It’s possibly a question that a lot of Local Community Groups (LCGs) have been asking themselves lately, for different […]