Abi O’Callaghan-Platt is one of the core members of BROD. She is an environmental scientist who was raised in West Cork and returned five years ago to raise her two children here. While lockdown prevents many of us from connecting with our community it can also offer new opportunities to […]

As a society we are constantly growing, changing and evolving. Each generation questions aspects of the previous status quo and often brings change to things that seemed totally unquestionable before. Some things change fast and easily, others require hard and prolonged battles, endurance and courage. Anything regarding topics of sex […]

By Mark Holland Pronouns are getting interesting, for the previous fifty years of my life they’ve always been there but they never really caught my attention, now they have. Sure, we were taught about them in school, and it’s no one else’s fault that I didn’t pay attention, or that […]

We are BRÓD! Welcome to the first of our monthly columns in the West Cork People. BRÓD started life in the minds of a group of people in West Cork a few years ago. At the time it had no name, no structure, nothing but a strong sense of being […]