Abi O’Callaghan-Platt is one of the core members of BROD. An environmental scientist, Abi was raised in West Cork and returned five years ago to raise her two children here. It is estimated that up to eight per cent of over-65s in Ireland may be lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. […]

by Mark Holland Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, not Japanese, but as neighbouring countries and cultures, it takes some bravery to go over there to compete in their sport and expect to win. At 22-years-of-age that’s what our Jack Woolley did, representing his country, Ireland explains Mark Holland. He […]

Lisa Brinkmann is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist working in private practice in Clonakilty and is one of the core members of BROD. Lisa also has a degree in Sex Research and Forensic Psychiatry and works with clients with any psychological or mental health problem, but is also specialised in […]

Fern Higgins Atkinson, chairperson of BRÓD and Youth Development Officer in the Ability Programme, West Cork Development Partnership, chats with Maitiú Mac Cárthaigh. Maitiú speaks about his experiences as a young gay man, growing up in rural West Cork, and how they have influenced, shaped, and informed his journey into […]