June Sun Signs

June is the month of mid summer with the solstice on June 21. This marks the halfway point in the solar year when the Sun crosses the cardinal point, moving from Gemini into Cancer. It’s also the month when two of the main planetary themes for 2019 coincide. 

The early days of the month bring the New Moon in Gemini as Venus makes a flowing trine connection with Pluto. Gemini is all about making connections and communication. When we have a compelling urge from Pluto combined with the magnetic qualities of Venus, this New Moon may spark off an intimate and meaningful conversation or a new creative venture. More of the same can occur around June 7 when Mercury the fast moving messenger planet connects with Uranus potentially bring exciting and unexpected news.

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius on June 17 and the feelings around this Moon phase will find us looking to broaden our horizons and create space for adventure. There is something of the restless explorer and the mind will want to travel even if there isn’t any physical journey to be made. This sense of needing to break new ground is heightened by the two major trends of this year reaching a peak on the days either side of this Full Moon. 

On June 16, Jupiter is making the second of three tense square aspects to Neptune. The first was in January and the third will be in September. The challenge is to bring together two levels of a similar energy. Both planets share an expansive, good will and inclusive impulse. Jupiter is most focused on how this works out in our human experience whilst Neptune knows no boundary in physical terms. The urge is to bring the most idealistic dreams and spiritual aspirations into the arena of everyday life. Finding the balance between idealism and positive realism is the key here. 

The second theme playing out is also involving Neptune, so we can be sure that our definitions and boundaries are in need of questioning. 

On June 18, Saturn makes the second of three harmonious sextile aspects to Neptune. The first was in January and the third will be in November. This combination is the ‘making dreams a reality’ factor that is dominant in 2019. Saturn in Capricorn is conservative and diligent – he won’t go too far too fast but will always get there in good shape. Neptune in Pisces is the true dreamer and has little interest in worldly affairs whilst giving attention to the most compassionate, inclusive and spiritually motivated ideals. The two planets are very different in approach but when they come together in harmony, the greatest of things can be achieved both in worldly and spiritual terms at once.  

With all this altruistic energy around at the culminating Full Moon our aspirations will be enhanced but there is the need to find a way to realise them in everyday life. The sense of purpose is strong but progress can be hampered because during the same few days Mars and Mercury combine and are opposed to both Saturn and Pluto. Thoughts and words can be forcefully delivered as mental processes are on hyper-drive but too much push can be met with resistance. If you want to express your insights and revelations or plans to improve personal or global conditions, remember that not everyone will appreciate the intensity or passion of the moment. 

As Neptune turns to make its retrograde on the day of the solstice, it brings a more inner and self-reflective focus that will continue into the Autumn. The summer months can be put to good use by integrating new ways of thinking. Meditation and dreamwork can be used creatively in preparation for the next wave of action and productivity later in the year.

This month New Moon is at 13° Gemini on June 3 at 11.01am and Full Moon is at 26° Sagittarius on June 17 at 9.30am

Aries: Travel, higher learning, study and spiritual matters are on your mind during early June. You’ve had enough of the ‘everyday’ in life and you want freedom to explore or invite new experiences into your life. Be prepared to open your mind to new ideas and lifestyles. You’ll likely find your attention and energy go into taking care of details and side issues later in the month. Whatever happens, it will be nothing but action by mid month with plenty of options. Don’t be too impulsive but just be sure you get your ideas out there in some form whatever it takes.

Taurus: Your attention maybe drawn to the patterns that create life’s ups and downs but you may just be focused on the negative side of a cycle at the expense of the positive. Pause to consider what is truly worth keeping and what you can dispense with. Smooth out what doesn’t flow well in your life in preparation for a more constructive phase after the New Moon on 3rd Take time to consider how you’re shaping up financially. This slow growth moment is likely not as productive as you hoped but don’t worry yourself into a frenzy about things that only time can remedy.

Gemini: With the Sun in your sign take this favourable opportunity to deal with any relationship issues. You’re aware of how much you have to give but experience more freedom when you get the “give and take” into a healthy balance. Interesting and stimulating people may come into your life so find time for intimate encounters or shared experiences. It’s a time of personal beginnings, when you find yourself in the spotlight and all eyes turn to see what you’re going to do next. This may be challenging, but it’s the boost you need right now. Just enjoy the generosity of others.

Cancer: During the next weeks you’ll focus your attention on the practical demands of life. Feeling you must do more than you really need to can create some stress but any self-improvement effort pays rewards. If you invest in yourself now then you can put your best foot forward with confidence later in the month. Regardless of how extrovert and outgoing you might usually feel, the New Moon on June 3 is a time to withdraw and spend some time alone. You will benefit by taking a few days to rest and recuperate, mentally, emotionally and physically as you revitalise your spirit. 

Leo: Your creative powers are at a peak. Don’t take yourself too seriously and you will reap the rewards. You can be surprised at what you come up with by just playing around with ideas or projects. Your romantic feelings are more intense now so try to wear your heart on your sleeve without worrying about the outcome. It can be worth risking upset to get at what you really feel and share it with those that matter the most later this month. You instinctively relate to your friends and very much want them to accept you as you are. 

Virgo: Home and family matters occupy your life during the next two weeks. Concentrate your energy into ventures that give you a sense of security and well-being. Sticking with familiar surroundings and intimate company gives the freedom to nurture what’s really important to you. Expect a phase of new developments in career matters and a welcome reward with a sense of fulfillment to emerge by mid month. The pressure to produce can be a bit intense but take time to plan ahead before you take on any new commitments. It is as important to listen now, as it is to act. 

Libra: You may find yourself called on by neighbours or asked to get involved with community ventures or projects now. You could feel restless if you don’t find activities that stimulate your mind.  Seek out alternatives to what you already know. There are more opportunities becoming available to build on during the next few weeks. Try to keep both feet on the ground around mid month as heightened emotions may run away with you. The impulse for new experiences is very strong but avoid hasty commitments. It’s a great time for planning or rearranging the way you look at things. 

Scorpio: June finds you concerned with your material and financial security. It’s time to consider if you are making the best of your natural skills and abilities. Once latent talents are recognized you will aim higher and you’ll want to expand your horizons very soon. The New Moon phase on June 3 is a good time to re-evaluate what it is that you pursue, follow or find meaningful. It may turn out that you’ve changed since you last acted so instinctively. If what you seek now is simply out of an old habit, it may prove extremely dissatisfying in a very short time.

Sagittarius: Your need for unique self-expression and communicating your personal vitality are priority. Relationships are meant to be a two-way flow but now you want the ball firmly back in your court. Your current mood doesn’t make for sharing and you may find a flood of emotional intensity directed your way during the next few weeks. How you respond could largely shape the direction of an important relationship. If you achieve a new closeness enjoy it now as it’s hard to keep that level of intensity going all month but the message underneath is sincere and needs to be taken seriously. 

Capricorn: You can be very productive this month by just quietly working away behind-the-scenes. Reconnecting with your inner world is important for your sense of equilibrium. Valuable insights and breakthroughs are possible. Enjoy the quiet ‘alone time’ whilst you can as the demands of your outer world will encroach again soon enough. It can be easy to get worried about health matters or everyday responsibilities especially during the New Moon phase this month. Moderation is the key. Make sure you’re not expecting too much of yourself. You don’t want to run out of steam because you can’t keep up with yourself. 

Aquarius: Your position within your community is highlighted this month. What you have to offer is appreciated and you can reap the rewards of your past contributions. Crank up your social life now and meet the right people; benefits will soon follow. The phrase ‘what you put in is what you get out’ is the key. The astral weather is perfect for creativity and you’ll find that your imagination flows faster and easier than usual from June 3 to mid month. In fact, anything you do for enjoyment will seem twice as good right now. Break out the inner child, drop your self-consciousness and just have fun. 

Pisces: Getting recognition for what you do well takes on extra significance this month. Self-acknowledgment only takes you so far and now you need some approval from those you respect. It may seem like constant hard work recently but the New Moon phase in early June will bring a much needed chance to relax with loved ones. If things on the home front aren’t quite to your liking you will have a tendency to fight for your right to peace and harmony. It’s a good time to start new home-related projects as a way to utilise any extra energy in a constructive manner.

Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is a professional Astrologer based in West Cork.

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