After November, a month of stressful volatility and frustrating tensions, December will have a more gentle feel. It is certainly a busy month with lots of planet activity but this is mostly between more co-operative planets than in previous weeks. We can still expect shifts and changes to challenge us […]

This month brings some more twists and turns. It could all feel a bit uncertain at times as new potentials crop up, seemingly from nowhere, and choices are not as clear-cut as we would hope. The last weeks of June brought lots of unexpected events and many things were rerouted […]

June brings us the Summer Solstice and the turn of the Astrological year. With the Full Moon on June 4 in fire sign Sagittarius, it looks like the heat of Summer is not over just yet. This month puts a focus on social connections and sorting out practical issues from […]

Early April may seem quiet on the Astrological news headlines, especially after all the activity throughout March. This Month we are eased in gradually but the few days between May 19 and 22 will certainly make up for a slow start. An intense concentration of major astrological events occurring simultaneously […]

The image of the mad March hare is very suited to this month. There is so much astro-action coming up over the next few weeks it could leave us feeling ‘all over the place’. It’s a month that brings huge shifts and major new phases with the two heavyweight planets, […]

This is a quiet month in astrological terms. That doesn’t mean nothing is happening, it‘s just that things are running along without the speed bumps, potholes and diversions we experience in previous months.  February brings Imbolc which is the first cross-quarter day of the year and heralds the spring season. […]