With the aura of change still hanging in the air, the electric atmosphere of August isn’t over yet. Whatever was topical around the recent New Moon in Virgo will still need to play out its potential and things may come to a head or reach an apparent conclusion around the […]

August starts with a bang. This may even be a literal expression of the current energies in some cases. This month’s significant astrological events could become the initiating spark for changes coming into play during the remainder of 2022. It is a time of high energy and radical action. The […]

July comes in with a storm and even if this is not reflected in the actual weather, there is certainly an intense energetic background to the first days of this month. Over the last week in June, this energy was building slowly. You may have seen examples of extreme confrontation […]

March comes in with a flurry of planets making big astrological statements. We have a series of conjunctions, where planets join forces to offer a new expression to their usual individual energy. It’s a chain-link effect with several stand-alone events being brought together in unique combinations. This is a complex […]

The month starts with a New Moon on February 1 that pulls in the Saturn square Uranus theme. We may have hoped this was behind us with the passing of 2021 but there are still some issues to work through. The constraining qualities of Saturn are likely to put limits […]

Aries: This is a time to acknowledge the comfortable and familiar environment that supports you. This Full Moon you might want to spend more time at home or with your family. You’ll be strongly motivated to create a caring and secure environment, but a crowd can be claustrophobic. Draw on […]