Fertility series: From fearful to fearless

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Have you always wanted to have a baby, only now that you’re pregnant there is an immense sense of dread and you are feeling worried sick. Perhaps you’ve always been a bit anxious, easily overwhelmed, or sufffered with depression, but this is a side to yourself you never expected. Surely you should be immensely happy but instead you’re worried, fearful and apprehensive. You may even have had a miscarriage and instead of feeling devastated there is an enormous sense of relief and now you’re wondering “whats wrong with me?”.

If any of these scenarios sound like you, I’d like to reassure you that you are not alone: A severe fear of pregnancy and childbirth, also known as tokophobia, affects about 13 per cent of pregnant women. As an unfamiliar phobia, little spoken about, it often takes a woman by surprise, leaving her feeling isolated, sick to the pit of her stomach and dreading hospital appointments and the inevitable birth.

Medical advice may be as simple as don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly normal, and you can have a C-section, but the reality is that our unborn babies can hear us and also experience our emotions, so healing these fears as soon as possible will not only have a positive effect on you, both during the pregnancy and birth, but also afterwards, giving your baby the best emotional start.

Tokophobia can affect anyone, from those who see themselves as highly successful and ready to clear these fears ‘now’, to others who have experienced trauma in the past and really don’t want to open pandora’s box for fear of creating an even bigger wound. The spectrum is vast and unique, yet the one thing women have in common is a fear that is beyond their control.

A looming due date can amplify the fear and women may worry about how quickly therapy can help. Tokophobia is a psychosomatic condition, meaning that it affects both your mind and your body. Healing phobias means healing the hidden wounds and micro traumas that are stuck in your tissues, as well as your mind. The good news is that hypnotherapy is the best modality for treating tokophobia, as it treats the body and mind holistically on both conscious and subconscious levels, helping you to both understand and recover from tokophobia completely and quickly.

Healing means you can transform fear into a deep sense of calm and confidence to experience your pregnancy fearlessly and joyfully. With an immediate shift possible, it leaves you free to enjoy your pregnancy without feeling triggered or projecting your own issues on your baby.

Amanda Roe is a clinical hypnotherapist and acupuncturist who uses a range of holistic therapies including dietary guidance to improve fertility, emotional and mental health.

Supporting natural recovery from trauma, eating disorders and other mind/body illness. for more information or to book a consultation visit www.roehealth.ie or call/text Amanda on: 087 6331898

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