Transform and empower yourself through micropigmentation

In the area of aesthetic and restorative services, By Aislinn Micropigmentation Studio stands out for unparalleled skills, compassion and dedication. Aislinn Horgan, a highly trained nurse and medical tattooist, specialises in transformative procedures that go beyond conventional beauty treatments. 

Aislinn’s commitment to her clients is evident in her provision of services like 3D Areola and nipple restoration for post mastectomy and reconstruction clients, and Nano hairstroke brows for those grappling with brow thinning or loss due to Alopecia or chemotherapy.

Specialising in delicate procedures, Aislinn has become renowned for her 3D Areola and nipple restoration services, providing comfort and confidence to individuals post-mastectomy and reconstruction. Her meticulous approach has earned her the exclusive approval of Laya healthcare as the only Areola tattooing provider in Ireland, showcasing the trust her clients and the healthcare community place in her abilities. Clients seeking brow micropigmentation services for chemotherapy and alopecia brow loss also benefit from Aislinn’s expertise, further endorsed by Laya healthcare.

Aislinn has trained with the world’s best trainers in Ireland, UK, Estonia, Canada, and most recently, Bratislava. This global exposure has enriched her skills, making her a sought-after expert in the field.

Notably, Aislinn is the exclusive practitioner in West Cork qualified to provide Nano hairstrokes, a cutting-edge technique revolutionising the world of brow enhancement. Nano hairstrokes involve the use of fine needles to deposit pigment into the skin, creating hyper-realistic, natural-looking eyebrow strokes. This technique is a game-changer for those looking to achieve the most authentic and subtle results in brow restoration. Aislinn’s mastery of Nano hairstrokes positions her as a trailblazer in West Cork, offering a unique and sought-after service.

2024 signals a year of further growth for By Aislinn Micropigmentation Studio, as Aislinn now operates clinics across multiple locations; Clonakilty, Bishopstown, Galway, and Dublin. This widespread presence ensures accessibility for clients seeking Aislinn’s expertise, regardless of their location. The studio’s expansion reflects the growing demand for Aislinn’s specialised services and the positive impact she has had on the lives of her clients.

For those interested in exploring the transformative possibilities offered by Aislinn, free consultations are available via phone, or online with face to face consultations also available. Aislinn also welcomes enquiries through her website, These consultations provide individuals with the opportunity to discuss their unique needs and explore the personalised solutions that Aislinn can offer.

WCP Staff

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