This month continues the story of the MENNIS family in West Cork. Having all but disappeared as a surname in West Cork, MENNIS is interwoven with local family history for more than 250 years. As my most extensive and successful West Cork genealogical and DNA project it justifies several columns. […]

Everyone knows intuitively that stress is bad for your health. It is also true that stress does manifest in real physical symptoms and changes to your physiology. In clinic, I am regularly seeing manifestations of stress in teenagers, which can potentially, over time, lead to ill health.  Dilated pupils Dilated […]

An eating disorder is a very serious health condition that affects your mind, body and emotions. They can begin as emotional issues that cause stress, reduced appetite and disordered patterns of eating, or as dieting where nutritional deficiencies start to affect memory, mental health and cause unhealthy behaviours like skipping […]

Like the traditional Irish Wake and the Jewish custom of  ‘sitting shiva’, Dia de Los Muertos, also known as Mexico’s Day(s) of the Dead, has always stood out to me as a uniquely rich and beautiful tradition honouring both the living and the dead for extended periods of time. Traditionally […]

West Cork’s Kate Ryan has scooped the award for Food Writing at the second annual Irish Food Writing Awards. Over 75 award finalists attended from throughout the island of Ireland, competing for the 20 awards on offer covering Irish food and drink journalism, cookbooks, feature writing, blogging, podcasting, photography and […]

Ferns depict the seasons in such a visually prominent way. The way they uncurl in the spring has such an air of drama about it, and when they have stopped uncurling and have reached full height, we know summer is really here, and then from late summer we get the […]