This month Birdwatch West Cork committee member Damaris Lysaght shares one of her favourite birds, the Greenshank. The Greenshank (Tringa nebularia) is on my short list of favourite birds. How could anyone not be impressed by this sleek, elegant and clean-cut bird, with its dark grey wings and back, and […]

Noreen Coomey of Transition Coaching and Psychotherapy looks at why we may resist change and how we can navigate this challenge. According to Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw “Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”.  Change is inevitable and a constant force […]

The opportunity to give more attention to my inner landscape during the period between Christmas and until days after the new year, had me living moment by moment. This time also led to my thinking about the preciousness of such things. Perhaps you’ve had a good dose of it too, […]

In the area of aesthetic and restorative services, By Aislinn Micropigmentation Studio stands out for unparalleled skills, compassion and dedication. Aislinn Horgan, a highly trained nurse and medical tattooist, specialises in transformative procedures that go beyond conventional beauty treatments.  Aislinn’s commitment to her clients is evident in her provision of […]

Have you always wanted to have a baby, only now that you’re pregnant there is an immense sense of dread and you are feeling worried sick. Perhaps you’ve always been a bit anxious, easily overwhelmed, or sufffered with depression, but this is a side to yourself you never expected. Surely […]