Supporting your immune system to fight off illness

A new year is a time for optimism and new beginnings. A difficult couple of years may have left some feeling a little weary and vulnerable to illness. Cranial and Structural Osteopath Christopher Minhall reminds us of the power of our own immune system and healing ability. He also shares a few simple ways to help optimise it. 

Clean food and water is a good place to start. Minimising toxicity and receiving good nutrition are key. After that, exercise. Don’t be scared! While exercise that gets you out of breath is great for your heart and managing stress, it is not for everyone. Gentle exercise and movement is probably even more important for our health. Walking, in particular, helps pump venous blood and also the lymphatic fluid around our body. Without the muscle contraction involved in movement, a much greater burden is placed on the heart. A well circulating lymphatic system greatly improves our immune response and helps rid our body of toxicity. We are designed to move and a sedentary lifestyle impacts our health. We are so lucky that we live in an area of such natural beauty. The mental and spiritual benefits of walking in nature should not be underestimated. Again, if you’re out of the habit, start small and regular and be encouraged that even this is having a positive impact on your health. If pain or stiffness is preventing you moving, I can probably help. 

Osteopathy itself is a holistic system of drug free medicine built around optimising the bodies’ own health and healing. An Osteopath uses their sensitively trained hands to find and correct structural imbalances and dysfunction. This restores normal movement, structure and physiology. I look beyond the symptoms to see the bigger picture and dig deeper to find and remove the root of the problem. 

Treatments are gentle but effective and tailored to the individual person and not just the symptoms. I strive for long term results and empowering patients. As well as physical problems, anxiety, emotional and hormonal issues can often be aided. It is also great preventative medicine. 

Cranial Osteopathy forms a central part of my approach. Despite the name it is not just for the head, though it is great for migraines and headaches. It uses the subtle but deeply potent rhythm and tide of the spinal fluid to restore health. Used within an osteopathic framework, it can provide profound results. Being gentle, it can be applied to babies, children, fragile elderly, sensitive patients and those with chronic fatigue. (I am also trained in the Perrin technique which successfully treats CF). Patients suffering stress would also benefit from Cranial Osteopathy as well as those with more complex physical injury patterns.

Osteopathy looks at the body in a different and more holistic way than conventional medicine. We strive to understand and address the whole body, nurturing the health while removing the underlying cause of symptoms.Your body wants to function and move well and often with just a little balancing and help it is able to thrive. Your body’s own power of healing is amazing if only the occasional spanner is removed from the works.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Christopher has practices in Bantry and Skibbereen and does a fortnightly clinic in Clonakilty.

For appointments please call 086 886 1007.


WCP Staff

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