As a GP of almost 30 years with a special interest in Women’s Health, Dr Paula Stanley has managed a lot of patients with PMS. This month she gives some insight into the condition and why it’s so important that it’s recognised and treated. Myth Busting Premenstrual syndrome or PMS […]

Domestic violence is the use of physical or emotional force or threat of physical force, including sexual violence, in an intimate relationship. As well as physical violence, domestic violence can also involve: • Emotional abuse • The destruction of property • Controlling behaviour such as isolation from friends, family and […]

Throughout my life I’ve been a watcher. It comes naturally because I’m fascinated by the interactions of people and animals. As a dog trainer, this ability to read a dog’s signals has been invaluable. And I try to teach it in some measure to clients. Once you are watching your […]

From small bathrooms to luxurious designs, bathroom renovations to self build fit-outs, and managing the job from inspiration stage to the final finish, Bathrooms and Beyond are a West Cork company that’s leading the way. The company also sells a range of bathroom ware, tiles, timber flooring and safety flooring […]