We’ve all experienced moments where we’ve wished we had listened to our ‘inner voice’ or trusted in our ‘gut feeling’. Afterwards we are usually left wondering about the direction life could have taken?  From Einstein to Gandhi to Steve Jobs, the power of the ‘inner voice’ has been endorsed by […]

FeelGood Health and Fitness will open in Clonakilty in January, bringing a variety of fitness classes to suit different fitness levels and abilities. The woman behind this new health and fitness business is Lorna O’Regan. Lorna tells West Cork People about her new enterprise, which will offer fun as well […]

For Kate Arbon, Christmas has become a very sacred time to spend in solitude. The West Cork astrologer loves the freedom of no pressure or expectation and finds a special peace in being alone and inwardly focused at such a busy time of year. “I don’t really ‘do’ Christmas in […]

The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) Annual Appeal launched last month is one of the most difficult in the Society’s 176 years history. Christmas will be different for everyone this year but the theme ‘Impossible Choices’ reflects the really hard situation families on low incomes face in the […]