Baltimore-based Foxglove Cocktails was the winner of the Emerging New Business Category of Network Ireland West Cork 2021 awards and will now go on to compete at national level this October. The small craft brand produces non-alcoholic craft cocktail mixers and garnishes, designed for creating cocktails (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) at […]

Despite the many complexities and challenges of living and working through the global pandemic, employees have still identified many benefits from working from home, for themselves, their families and their organisations. These benefits include a better work-life balance, greater ability to focus with fewer distractions, more time for family and […]

Restoring our ecosystems and reversing biodiversity declines has never been so important. While not without some controversy, for example the debate sparked by the concept of ‘bringing the wolves back into the Irish countryside’, ‘rewilding’ our land has been described as a progressive approach to conservation that can bring us […]

While most of lockdown was spent in her studio in Berlin, artist Noël O’Callaghan admits to very much missing Ireland during this period, so much so that it provided easy inspiration for her work in this year’s West Cork Creates exhibition ‘Home Ground’. “I began to paint from memory places I […]