by Eoin Roe, Chiropractic I wouldn’t be surprised if you are confused by which supplements you should be taking, as supplementation is a very complex subject. I am going to focus on B12 for this article. B12 is only available in our diet from animal products so those who are vegetarian […]

We all want to keep moving fit and healthy throughout our lives whether we are keen sportsmen or just want to be able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air or move easily without pain. Human movement is a complex system and when we start to look at how […]

Chiropractor Eoin Roe advises on the importance of not ignoring back pain during this ‘new normal’ we live in The ‘new normal’ seems to be the refrain of the moment. There are certainly huge changes for all of us in the way we work, socialise and live especially in the […]

Continued support, guidance and flexibility are needed for those with mental illness while protective and restrictive measures are in place for the Coronavirus. With this in mind, and to alleviate the additional stress that families of young people with mental illness and neurodevelopmental disorders now face, the College of Psychiatrists […]