On the basis that Active Communities are well communities, ‘WellComm Active’, an important new health and wellbeing initiative running across Cork, has announced its autumn activities schedule.     The idea is to promote healthier lifestyles by supporting and empowering people in their communities to manage their own health and […]

Have you ever sat back and wondered what kind of life your ‘future self’ will be living? Of course, we have endless future selves – the one that lives next week’s life, or your life in a year or decade even from now. With life’s beautiful, if a little unnerving […]

Everybody seems to be talking about fasting these days and the impression that I get from articles I am reading is that it is good for everyone. But that is not strictly true.  For the purpose of this article, I am talking here about intermittent fasting, not fasting for days […]

A 38-year-old mother of one reached out to me recently she was feeling really anxious and desperately wanted to have another child. She had been trying for a year and her doctor told her that she needed to loss 2.7 kg before she would be considered for IVF. She had suffered […]