Many of the symptoms that people think are a normal part of aging are not. Symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, memory loss and depression are all common symptoms of brain inflammation and if you find you are developing some of these symptoms you should take notice and seek help to […]

To the woman undergoing routine scans for a dormant brain tumour. The mother, her child in  hospital with undeclared illness. I see you. To the daughter witnessing a parent’s decline since admission to the care home. The 32-year-old who believes self killing could be the answer. I hear you. To […]

All of us have experienced inflammation at one point or another in our lives. Inflammation is a natural immune response that occurs when the body is injured or fighting off an infection. Acute inflammation is the reaction that occurs, for example, when you cut your finger, break your leg, or […]

Inflammation is part and parcel of many illnesses both chronic and acute.  It is your body’s way of protecting itself.  Obviously this can cause pain and discomfort but homeopath Sinéad Hurley reminds us that the inflammation itself is not the actual problem – we have to look deeper.  Why did […]