Mental health issues are often treated as health conditions that are separate from other health problems. But in truth there are underlying physiological mechanisms that play a role in the development of mood disorders such as depression or anxiety. Our brain relies on neurons to govern our thoughts, actions and […]

Thyroid hormones affect your basal metabolic rate: How fast cells function in the body and the health of your stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, small and large intestine are all related to your thyroid function. There is an intimate bidirectional relationship with thyroid function affecting the gut and the gut […]

It’s been a number of years since I’ve visited this place. Most say they wouldn’t wish to be in a care home, fearing even the prospect of it, but this one has always seemed quiet, relatively intimate, spotless as far as facilities go – and I’ve been inside many. I’m […]

Nuala Carey (pharmacist and owner of and popular blogger Helen Murphy (@daily_divadiary) are holding a virtual coffee morning via Helen’s Instagram page on Tuesday January 24 at 10am to discuss skincare throughout cancer and chemotherapy.   An in-person coffee morning will also be held in Glengarriff Pharmacy on the […]

Since 2021 Road Gym has bringing fitness classes to village halls across West Cork to service rural residents without ready access to larger gyms. Owner David O’Shea also provides at home personal training for people of all ages and backgrounds; athletes, people recovering from injury, older adults and those with […]