Most of us appreciate that vaccination against Covid is good and likely to get us back to normal and, while we all talk expertly about new variants, spike proteins, T Killer Cells, PCR tests and so on, I have some better news about immunity. I recently attended a three-day Zoom […]

Thousands of people across Ireland have missed out on vital eye tests during lockdown, potentially putting their eyesight and wider health at risk, warns local opticians Specsavers Bandon. Specsavers optician and Bandon store partner Marie Burke says: “Fifty percent of sight loss is avoidable with early detection, however, during the […]

In part one of a three-part series, Eoin Roe looks at blood sugar control, what can go wrong with this and what can be done to help correct it. Normal Blood Glucose control The normal glucose levels in blood are controlled by interactions between hormones and various organs in the […]

by Eoin Roe It is very common for people to try and overcome a particular health concern using supplements, whether prescribed or available over-the-counter. It is unlikely that this will cause any harm, but it can become very expensive, with limited benefit. I am going to talk about two areas: […]