The global pandemic has been disproportionality unfair to women, highlighting the inequalities between men and women in nearly every aspect of life; from the home place to the workplace and everything in between. Karen O’Reilly, founder of Employmum and Employflex, gives her top tips to help women post Covid in […]

Susan Collins Duggan believes in educating in a fun, friendly, creative and safe environment, where students are encouraged to express themselves. Her successful business Theatre Tricks Drama and Communications not only gives students self-confidence, self-esteem and employability skills but will benefit them throughout their lives. “I aim to give each […]

Moving regularly and being physically supported with ergonomically designed furniture are key to working well at home. The benefits are numerous and include promotion of circulation, improved memory and concentration, elevated mood and reduced stress, and healthier joints and muscles. All of this leads to a more productive home office […]

Bandon native Claire Lehane is the determined entrepreneur behind CL HR Consultancy. Through a combination of hard work and persistence, the HR Consultant and Workplace Mediator has built up a successful business providing tailored, solution-based services helping businesses meet their HR legal responsibilities. CL HR Consultancy is currently renovating a new […]