Freewheeling tiny homes offer the perfect solution

For the environment lover, a tiny house on wheels is an ideal way to fully experience nature. This small nomadic home can be easily moved to different landscapes in changing seasons – summer by the coast, winter by the woods maybe?

Timoleague based company, Sunflower Tiny Homes, is also catering for individuals who are currently locked out of our overheating housing market. Owner Damien Peureux originally only sold his tiny houses in his native France but has now introduced these beautiful bijou homes to Ireland. Damien speaks to West Cork People about the benefits of this new type of home.

Thanks to its small size, the tiny house is vastly more affordable than a traditional house. The price varies, depending on your choice of materials, equipment and accommodation capacity, but ranges from €30,000 to €70,000.

“This freestanding home allows you to use your budget intelligently,” Damien says. “Lower energy bills, no property tax … investing in a tiny house is the ideal solution to save on your daily costs.”

Sunflower offers a wide choice of turnkey or customisable tiny house models and will work with you to design a home that meets your particular needs. 

Tiny houses allow you to simplify your life without giving up your creature comforts. Thermal and sound insulation keep you warm and at peace and, despite their bitesized floor area, generally between 10 and 40m2 for the largest model, these tiny house have all the comforts of a traditional home – kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. “The space is cleverly designed to remain practical on a daily basis,” says Damien. “Based on minimalism it’s about optimising your material possessions.”

These homes also offer a daily life that is closer to nature. Large or bay windows and sometimes a terrace or an opening roof are great assets for those who dream of such a lifestyle. “Despite its small size, many tiny house dwellers feel like they live in bigger spaces than their old home – the outside world! The tiny house encourages people to spend more time outdoors to fully enjoy their surroundings, while having their cocoon nearby.”

Many people are choosing tiny houses for another reason, they are a simple, no planning required alternative to an extension when extra space is needed. “Whether it is because your family has grown too large for your existing home, you need some professional space to work or you want to take a proper home with you when you travel, our tiny houses are a dream solution,” Damien promises.

Call Sunflower Tiny Houses on 083 818 9301 to see if a tiny home is right for you.

WCP Staff

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