Drought conditions causing soil moisture deficits in many areas of the country have made grassland management difficult over the last month. John Maher, head of the Teagasc Grass 10 programme says that farmers are adapting and reacting well to the current grass growing conditions. This is the main message from […]

Agroforestry is the practice of combining forestry and agriculture in a mutually beneficial way. West Cork agroforester Rossa Gibbons talks to Moze Jacobs about his passion for trees and the benefits of planting on agricultural land. Trees are long-lived. (The oldest known individual specimen is almost 5,000 years old). So […]

Six dairy farmers are focussed on making their farm more enjoyable and easier and have been sharing their experiences of their farm practices weekly for the last three months. This is part of a new Teagasc Dairy Knowledge Transfer initiative led by Martina Gormley Teagasc Dairy specialist. Weekly updates from […]