At least it’s only February. I’ve said this phrase countless times over the last few weeks to console myself when there appears to be no let-up in the wind and rain. I’d much rather it now than in April, that’s for sure. With little respite from the incessant rain and gales, […]

Under new regulations announced in February, derogation farmers will either have to train in grass measurement or hire a trained specialist to carry out at least 20 farm walks a year to calculate grass covers. The timing couldn’t be better for Innishannon native Tim Casey, who recently left his job […]

Despite damp farming weather conditions, grazing is moving back on the agenda and fences are getting a once-over; although you could say grazing never stopped this winter. A group of younger cows was left out to take pressure off the shed and, while the plan was to house them before […]

There has been plenty of walking the farm lately. First up was a bit of a tree planting operation. Since Christmas, around 600 different native trees have been planted around the farm. A hedge consisting of hawthorn and Rowan was put in as a shelterbelt, which will take some minding, […]