This month, committee member and National Parks and Wildlife Ranger, Dave Rees writes about one of our winter visitors, the Brent Goose. One of the true sounds of the winter for me is the sound of a flock of Brent Geese quietly grazing on the edge of one of our […]

I once received a postcard from a friend in Greece which showed a fisherman bashing an octopus against a pier wall. Jane Grigson wrote, in her excellent ‘Fish Cookery’, that fishermen in the Mediterranean insist an octopus has to be beaten 99 times before it is fit for the pot. I […]

Cork Nature Network, in partnership with Community Foundation Ireland, is pleased to announce a Community Information and Consultation event for the development of the Ballydehob Biodiversity Action Plan on Saturday November 11, from 2pm in Ballydehob Community Hall.  A biodiversity action plan is a strategic document that outlines specific actions […]

There are not many rivers that you would consider drinking directly from if you were thirsty and yet, for the majority of human evolution, this was an unquestionable norm. We now rely on engineering and chemistry to bring our polluted water clean to us for consumption. Dutch-based NGO ‘Drinkable Rivers’ […]