Moze Jacobs and Alice Glendinning remind us this month that Doughnut Economics is a work-in-progress. Conceived as the brainchild of UK economist Kate Raworth, it is very much at an experimental stage. It is working to find an economic way forward that helps communities thrive, minimises waste, and goes some […]

Just 11 years ago, March 2010, during an Interview with the Guardian Newspaper, the scientist James Lovelock stated “I don’t think we’re yet evolved to the point where we’re clever enough to handle as complex a situation as climate change. The inertia of humans is so huge that you can’t […]

Everyone knows what a doughnut looks like. But what on Earth is ‘doughnut economics’ (as recommended by President Higgins, David Attenborough, and the Pope)? Moze Jacobs and Alice Glendinning shed some light on the subject. English economist Kate Raworth decided in 2012 that this is exactly how growth should unfold […]