At a local, national and international level, June has been quite the Pride Month. In a year in which, in Ireland and other countries, many of the feted centrepieces of international celebrations, the Pride Parades, were once again largely conducted on-screen, it was a month that saw highs and lows.  […]

As the restrictions, hardships and widespread global tragedy of Covid-19 continues, this week I’ve been looking at an area of such particular poignancy, it has thrown some perspective on the limitations and challenges we, in developed and peaceful countries, have been contending with. March 15 marked 10 years since the […]

An occasional column by Grace O’Sullivan – mother, environment and peace activist, ecologist, MEP The benefits of improving your home energy set-up and moving towards  more green, energy-efficient models are clear. You become more self-sufficient; you get to tap into natural, sustainable energy sources which can provide you with cheap, […]