Navigating a high modernist terrain, somewhere between Rothko and Tapies, Michael McSwiney’s new paintings deliver that unique combination of chromatic punch and visceral, mood-trembling, surface which never fails to capture the gaze, before holding it in meditative stillness. It is a combination we’ve come to expect from this exceptional West […]

Finally, lockdown is coming to an end with more and more restrictions being lifted. It’s exciting for people, but I bet your pets aren’t as enthusiastic. Many people invested in puppies over the past eighteen months because we were all spending time at home. Therefore, the only thing your dogs […]

The alarm shrills, breaking into the young man’s sub-conscious, as he struggles to wake on a wet autumn morning. He never dozes on waiting for a second alarm, as many of his friends might do, he needs the time to prepare for his day’s work, which he loves: The fun […]