WildFit is an extraordinary revolution in potent nutritional health that is sweeping across the world and has now arrived in West Cork with Ireland’s premier WildFit Coach, Freya Sherlock. While WildFit has helped thousands of people to successfully and lastingly release pounds and kilos of unwanted weight, it is equally […]

Continuing the theme from last month, BirdWatch Ireland (West Cork Branch) committee member Fiona O’Neill, writes on her passion for wildflowers. During the past year, many people have become more attuned to birdsong and the presence of birds in their surroundings. Early summer is a good time to turn that […]

Moze Jacobs looks into the benefits of agroforestry Not so long ago, trees, hedgerows, coppices, and shrubs were a natural part of the Irish (agricultural) landscape and taken for granted. Now, these features are rapidly disappearing or have disappeared in many places; to the detriment of biodiversity and the environment, […]