I’d like to give a shout out to those dedicated people who run the rescue centres kindly taking in any dog no matter its age, background, or character to give them shelter along with unstinting care and devotion. They are a breed apart! Life is getting tougher for them at […]

With Rembrandt in Print showing at the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork and a plethora of printmaking exhibitions around the country, the art of printmaking in Ireland is enjoying a well-deserved spotlight. ‘Diamond Point’, celebrating 60 years of Graphic Studio Dublin showed through September in the Blue House Gallery, Schull, […]

The benefits of probiotics depend on what you expect them to do. Most people think that probiotics will help them improve their beneficial bacteria in their gut and get rid of the bad bacteria. But there is no research showing that probiotics permanently change the gut microbiome (resident bacteria in […]

Are you selfish? No I’m not! The question I ask you is ‘why not?’ Selfish is a word that can conjure up memories of others taking, controlling, being self-centred and not caring about your needs or the feelings of others. It can give you a repulsive feeling and be the […]

Many of us have given or received a DNA testing kit for a birthday or as a Christmas present, but what are they all about? In this column, I continue to provide a step-by-step guide through the basics of all forms of DNA testing for family history. What do your […]