Ireland’s best known Sleep Consultant, Lucy Wolfe, gives some tips for getting a good night’s sleep Sleep is necessary to ensure that you are optimally functioning. While sleeping our brain and body is repairing and restoring, supervising a wide variety of biological maintenance jobs and ensuring that we can function […]

Kia Promise extends warranty cover in Ireland  to June 2020; aims to help customers who may be unable to visit a workshop during pandemic Kia Motors Corporation has announced the launch of the ‘Kia Promise’, a global warranty extension program for its vehicles. The Kia Promise is designed to support […]

by Eoin Roe, Chiropractic With the recent Covid 19 outbreak, there is a huge amount of interest in the immune system and how to support it. There also seems to be a rush to stock up on supplements to help boost the immune system. Whilst supplements can help, there are other […]