Friday April 22 Is this year’s Earth Day. The theme this year is #InvestInOurPlanet. lists activities taking place across the globe, most of which seem to be happening in North America. At time of writing this, only one is listed on the Island of Ireland, where the charity Action […]

Walking with friends recently the subject Global Warming came up in conversation and one person commented that though he realised that countries like the Maldives were seriously threatened by sea level rise, he didn’t think that Global Warming affected us in Ireland at all.  In reality the EPA reports that […]

NASA’s global climate change website states, ‘While the effects of human activities on Earth’s climate to date are irreversible in the timescale of humans alive today, every little bit of avoided future temperature increase, results in less warming that would otherwise persist, essentially forever.’ NASA scientists report that it may not be too […]

It is “code red for humanity…The world is running out of time,” declared UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres at the start of COP26.  But even as we all know this, still we wait!  Forty-four years ago ExxonMobil senior scientist James Black told the fossil fuel executives that, “ Man has a […]