July may be regarded as late opening where galleries are concerned, but the world of exhibition has been seriously stymied by lockdown. However, all was not lost, and the Blue House window provided an effective sequence of ‘Window Exhibitions’, a bit like window shopping on the Sundays of yore when […]

Hitting beauty shelves this month, everything from tongue scrapers to the latest serum that stops skin damage before it starts and a discount code! Read on for my roundup of what’s new in skincare, haircare, healthcare and more… Seoulista Glossy Locks: Packed full of hardworking ingredients, the latest addition to […]

Lisa Brinkmann is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist working in private practice in Clonakilty and is one of the core members of BROD. Lisa also has a degree in Sex Research and Forensic Psychiatry and works with clients with any psychological or mental health problem, but is also specialised in […]

At a local, national and international level, June has been quite the Pride Month. In a year in which, in Ireland and other countries, many of the feted centrepieces of international celebrations, the Pride Parades, were once again largely conducted on-screen, it was a month that saw highs and lows.  […]

Everybody seems to be talking about fasting these days and the impression that I get from articles I am reading is that it is good for everyone. But that is not strictly true.  For the purpose of this article, I am talking here about intermittent fasting, not fasting for days […]