The research around the negative effects of gluten is growing all the time. Often the focus is only on coeliac disease, which manifests with gastrointestinal symptoms like pain, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and damages the lining of the gut. More recent research is showing that actually two-thirds of people with gluten […]

Women understandably feel under a lot of pressure when trying to conceive. With age a significant factor, stress can feel intense as the months and years go by. A woman may or may not be in a relationship but either way, the internal chatter of what is wrong with me […]

Mindfulness meditation gives us a choice about where we place our focus and what we choose to pay attention to. It can help us make the most of our lives by being present to truly relish pleasant experiences, that may otherwise flit past the busy, overthinking, zoned out or even […]