Many years ago I chatted to a lady who told me that at one dreadful time in her life she had been so stressed that it interfered with her ability to function physically. At one point she couldn’t lift her arms above her shoulders. That conversation came back to haunt […]

Frances Prescott Eye & Lip Contour Cream The skin around the eyes and lips is thinner and much more expressive in these areas, which is why exposure to the elements, particularly to the sun, along with everyday environmental stresses, can result in premature ageing. As these areas lack significant oil production, […]

Most of us are still holding on to our sun-kissed skin…How lucky are we? Lots of moisturising and hydrating and heading into October, those tan lines are still very obvious. It’s a bit like suddenly discovering that there is a bar extension when you thought you couldn’t buy another drink, […]

With the increased enthusiasm for the outdoors post-pandemic, it’s been a busy time for 20th Clonakilty Scout Group since its inauguration in 2018. Local hikes and walks, camping trips around Munster, beach days and clean-ups, campfires and local volunteer work have all been part of the outdoor fun. The three […]