The beauty industry is booming! Yes, despite the economic magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic the beauty industry has proven relatively resilient, especially in terms of online sales. In fact, a research report by McKinsey found that online revenue for beauty-industry players rose 20 to 30 per cent during the outbreak. […]

Consider for a moment, what kind of a spender are you? Are you the kind of person who looks, ahead, plans for your financial future, spends carefully and mindfully and invests regularly in your savings?  Or are you more laissez-faire? Do you spend today and worry tomorrow? Do you readily […]

Fern Higgins Atkinson, chairperson of BRÓD and Youth Development Officer in the Ability Programme, West CFern Higgins Atkinson is Chairperson of BRÓD and the Youth Health Promotion and Development Officer in the Ability West Cork Programme, West Cork Development Partnership. This month she discusses ‘back to school’ and highlights some challenges […]

This month I am going to talk about the many healers of vernacular medicine who still practise in our communities. Most people call this folk medicine, but this term does not give it the recognition, or respect, it deserves because these cures sustained our communities for many centuries and still […]