These days, raw honey is considered a superfood with such varied health properties such as antibacterial, antioxidant, wound healing, brain protecting, as well as being nutritious and delicious. Here in West Cork we are lucky to have local beekeepers who take pride in the quality of their honey and the […]

We have all heard that a four-leaved clover is lucky but the ‘hungry-grass’ was quite the opposite and very unlucky indeed for anyone who stood on it. ‘Hungry grass’ cannot be distinguished from other kinds of grass. It is said to grow on the spot where some poor person died […]

The Shankill Bombing came at an extremely precarious time in the peace process in Northern Ireland. This attack and the resulting retaliation attacks that culminated over the following days, very nearly derailed the entire peace process altogether. At this stage of the Troubles, for the very first time, Loyalist paramilitaries […]