Dr. Rosari Kingston PhD, M.Sc (Herbal medicine) is a medical herbalist practising in Dr. O’Reilly’s integrative clinical practice in Clonakilty, Co. Cork as well as Church Cross, Skibbereen. Dr. Kingston’s area of research are the healing modalities present in Irish vernacular medicine and she incorporates them, where possible, into her […]

As his time as Mayor of Clonakilty comes to an end, Michael O’Neill Jnr reflects on the past year and the realisation that there is no place like home, especially when that home is West Cork. Well here it is, the final month of my term as Mayor has arrived. […]

PERMANENT CULTURE Principal #5: Use and Value Renewable Resources Allison Roberts looks at the permaculture principal ‘Use and Value Renewable Resources and explains how from simply line-drying our laundry to using renewable energy to power our homes and businesses, we can all seek out more natural, less-resource intense solutions to […]

It has been almost 80 days since we retreated into the splendid isolation of our rural sanctuary – leaving only to go shopping into town before quickly returning home. That is twice the length of a classic quarantine (which was forty days. The clue is in the name!). In all […]