The garden is producing at full speed. There are gazillions of green things – kale, spinach, salad leaves, rocket and chard and lots of potential with all the new seedlings. We have some experimental crops on-the-go this spring, spurred on by last month’s conversations about food security. We’ve sown quinoa, […]

Standing in the glasshouse in our garden it’s difficult to envisage the catastrophe in Ukraine. Just when we all thought the world might slip back into some kind of normality it has taken another turn and the poor people of Ukraine are being invaded. It’s impossible to imagine where this […]

It’s like there is a switch in the middle of January which kicks everything into action again. Those few more minutes of extra daylight give out a message that even our geriatric chickens respond to. Suddenly we have eggs and all the green things in the garden perk up. We […]