Mercedes were a bit slow to the electric market, but they are planning to launch several new electric models in the coming years. Last year the German manufacturer launched their massive electric people carrier the EQV and now they have the impressive EQA 250 SUV electric car on sale. I […]

Over the years, it is unsurprising that many of Ireland’s best and brightest have identified West Cork as an ideal area for relocation. It is impossible to argue against the fact that many of these individuals have left an indelible mark on the area’s socio economic landscape. Affectionately known as […]

This month we have a true Blue Moon. It’s the second Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. The first was on July 24. This keeps the Aquarius theme, which has been prominent since late 2020, on the front burner. We also have further activation of the tense square between […]

DeBarra’s Folk Club Clonakilty are back in business at last this month, hosting world-class live performances to audiences in their intimate outdoor setting, the beer garden and brand new yard garden.   Over the coming weeks, DeBarra’s will welcome some of the country’s finest musicians, writers, and comedians to perform […]

In this Olympic summer it is hard not to be inspired by all the athletes breaking records and making dreams come true. In the words of the under-two-hour marathoner Eluid Kipchoge, it really does feel like “No human is limited”. And it shouldn’t just inspire young athletes with Olympic dreams, […]

I bet at some time during your life you’ve emulated another person – whether it’s a style of dress, mannerism, tone of voice or enunciation! That’s imitation and is the ‘best form of flattery’ according to the saying. However, when your dog copies your actions, that’s different. He’s not flattering you […]