Our grandchildren were visiting from Denmark recently and knowing a few weeks back that they were on their way, I had booked the seven-seater VW Multi Van. However, there was a slight technical problem with the Multi Van and VW gave me their five-seater electric I.D. Buzz instead. I’m not […]

Just occasionally, I get a call from an owner and before I’m told the nature of the problem, he/she gives a sheepish laugh saying ‘I know I’m the reason my dog is doing what he does and it’s me that needs the training’! I join in the laughter and answer […]

After November, a month of stressful volatility and frustrating tensions, December will have a more gentle feel. It is certainly a busy month with lots of planet activity but this is mostly between more co-operative planets than in previous weeks. We can still expect shifts and changes to challenge us […]

Dunmore House was purchased by Jeremiah and Mary O’Donovan from the Beamish family in 1934: At the time the House and adjoining lands were a working farm. When Mary arrived at Dunmore for the first time and looked out at the sea below the House, she is reputed to have […]