The ‘Cailleach Bhéara’ (Hag of Beara) is a mythical old woman in Irish literature and folklore, associated with west Munster, but especially with the Beara Peninsula in West Cork.  Originally her name was ‘Boí’, a variant of the word for a cow, ‘bó’,  At the tip of the Beara Peninsula […]

“From about the middle of the 18th century it began to be realized that you could learn from a dead body; and that’s when some families were starting to be persuaded that they should allow post mortems.”– Wendy Moore In the 18th and 19th centuries medical and surgical students needed […]

Despite the illustrious nature of the shortlist, it will come as no surprise to any follower of Cork football that the winner of our poll to determine West Cork’s greatest ever sportsperson was the mercurial Declan Barron. He won with just under 45 per cent of the vote, with honourable […]