Tyaludas (tai-uoo-das), a simple Mexican street food, are sometimes referred to as Mexican pizzas when they are served open faced, but they are more often folded in half and eaten on the go. This dish, which hails from Oaxaca in the south of Mexico is a delightful construction made of […]

As the restrictions, hardships and widespread global tragedy of Covid-19 continues, this week I’ve been looking at an area of such particular poignancy, it has thrown some perspective on the limitations and challenges we, in developed and peaceful countries, have been contending with. March 15 marked 10 years since the […]

Skimming low over our fields and lakes in pursuit of insects, the swallow is a familiar and welcome sight. Its confiding nature and its habit of building a nest so close to our homes endears it to everybody. We eagerly await the return of the swallow each spring and its […]

Here we go again. After a heart-lifting Paddy’s Day spent working in the garden in the sunshine, the gales are back. This time they’ve brought along some hail, just to mix things up. Spring is definitely here, but sitting inside, as the rain pummels the house, it might as well […]